The Creator’s Clause  

Good morning. 2017 has started off pretty intense. A trail of lessons of tough love from 2016 followed through into the first few months of the new year. It was a poignant slick of mucus that left behind a faint glaze across the perverbial floor of the kitchen of my soul. It has been a cage rendering duel, the hardest of challenges… even now, I’m looking at the curing of those lessons – becoming harder- harder to ignore- harder to clean up the longer it sits. Yes, I’m looking and even though I recognize the dissonance for what it is – I’m stuck with out an action to fix it. 

A time ago, my immediate follow up actions would be to wash, rinse, repeat those same choices. Giving me those same results. Wash, rinse but still Repeat. I never even notice that I had been the creator of my own atrocities. 

But what do you do when the city is paved with familiar routes that lead to the same familiar destinations, when all you want is an unmarked road to lead you to somewhere new, somewhere you already knew, somewhere abundant, somewhere above the city of damned souls? 

No night can find you embraced by a knight, a pail full of shillings shook his armor and the wage he deemed good bater. 

So, you don’t bother waiting for your savior, and instead become a savior and save yourself. 

I am going to be exceptionally rich and prosperous. I am. 

For the opportunities to exist, I must create them. 


Taken from Instagram @thebahamasrealor 

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