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I am here to Win

I am here to win… Win at my best version of my life … for myself … whilst competing only against myself. They say life’s greatest enemy will always exist in our minds. That’s where the chief oppressor resides. Our perception of how life is progressing and treating us is the only enemy we’re ever going to face and ultimately overcome if we want to win at life. I know it’s easier said than done, but if we can conquer our state of mind we can flourish  ...

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Swimming with Sharks in The Bahamas

Swimming with sharks was never on my todo list, but when the opportunity presented itself in such an aligned way – I dove right in.  This photo was taken about a year ago on a trip to Compass Cay, Exuma, in The Bahamas.  It was on this trip that I truly began to digest the liberation in living to exceed the limitations  placed on ourselves. These majestic creatures were the highlight of my trip.  I only spent a few minutes in the turquoise waters with them, but, it was enough to spark  ...

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