Swimming with Sharks in The Bahamas

Swimming with sharks was never on my todo list, but when the opportunity presented itself in such an aligned way – I dove right in.  This photo was taken about a year ago on a trip to Compass Cay, Exuma, in The Bahamas.  It was on this trip that I truly began to digest the liberation in living to exceed the limitations  placed on ourselves.

These majestic creatures were the highlight of my trip.  I only spent a few minutes in the turquoise waters with them, but, it was enough to spark a barrel load of untapped desires in my heart.   I felt alive after, alive and fearless.

If you’re ever in The Bahamas, make your way to Compass Cay, Exuma, for a small dockage fee you can swim with the sharks too.

Quiet your mind and you can conquer any fear. <Compass Cay, Exuma, The Bahamas. >

swimming with sharks

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