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154 & 155 Treasure Cove Double Lot Special


154 & 155 Treasure Cove Vacant Lot Special


154 & 155 Treasure Cove Vacant Lot Special

Treasure Cove:

In the safe and popular gated oceanfront community of Treasure Cove, this double single family corner lot measures approx. 12,911 sq. ft. and is one of the largest on market.

Priced for a value sale, the lots are listed at $340,000 if purchased together (individually they are valued at $180K, $189K respectively).

Take advantage of all the amenities available to residents including 24hr security, a community park, beach access, and an active and friendly homeowner’s association.


The large double lot is on the southern side of Emerald Circle and a road reservation is unlike anything else available on the market within the community. Build the home of your dreams as it will serve your family well for generations to come.



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