MiyagiMarketing/Social Miyagi Upgrade for Advertising

We’ve Upgraded to MiyagiMarketing for Adverts

Hello Beautiful people, this week in paradise has proven to be a busy one. Right out of the gates we started out with a bang and cemented our deal with MiyagiMarketing for an overhaul in the way we’ve marketed our properties thus far.
Once the reports were in we could actually see where our marketing dollars where going and how to better and more effectively target potential clients that have shown interest in our listings. And let me say, the metrics and data (presentation in all) was  bea-ti-ful!.

A few weeks back we decided to work with Social Miyagi aka Miyagi Marketing (MiyagiMarketing on instagram) to broaden our marketing efforts, especially on Social Media, ’cause lets face it who isn’t on SM? After a brief review it was clear that Social Media is where you could potentially reach even the most recluse of prospects.  Everyone is connected to some sort of platform and is absolutely the best option to get the biggest bang for our bucks. Now, I won’t bore you further, but in short, we love our upgrade and our partners and clients will too.

Below is a sample of the Social media ad Social Miyagi (MiyagiMarketing) produced for us. It’s full color (in comparison to the black and white news paper Ad we’ve been running), has music, and it brought it over 9,000 views and over 50 (actual) leads in less than one week. In the words of a famous Bahamian singer, “Look what ya could get, when ya tired of what you gat!”


Social Miyagi can me reached @MiyagiMarketing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook  or Via their website at

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