Gabe Tquest Photography

I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve updated this blog. Heck, it probably would have been even longer if this stroke of creative ingenuity had struck me down from the up and coming talent Gabriel of Gabe Tquest Photgraphy .

First, let me start off with how I stumbled across Gabe’s Photography -insert dreamy tv 📺 sounds here- it was about 2 years ago, I was scrolling through my IG feed and literally by accident, I clicked onto a recommended profile by Instagram. I was immediately greeted by a vibe that was like none other I’d experienced from the recent local photography round up.

The first set of images caught my eyes because they were brimming with something I’d rarely seen in the work of others – Emotion… raw, emotion. They displayed creative use of lighting, color and something that begged to be watched a little harder – a subtle, but definite edge.

The next set of images I scrolled by were something less technical, yet they too, somehow seem to creep up and pull on the soul. It’s the use of architectural backgrounds that break up monotony in the usual “point-and-click” I’d gotten so use to seeing on the gram and the …
ability to capture exactly what his subjects are in that moment that painted me “interested” and led to the “following” of his account.

Over the years Gabe Tquest Photography was on my list watch list of emerging talents, I’m seeing growth in his newer work, but the style and subtle edge remains the same.

I was so inspired by his growth, I took to my blog to talk about it. You see, it’s a goal of mine to be able to create moving pieces – art/photos/writing – just as Gabe TQuest does. I’m moved to pursue my creative dreams in the same bold and unbridled way he does.

Not to beat the rhetoric of the being inspired to pursue dreams horse 🐴 but it’s rare for me to find such a gem on the local scene.

You can check out his website here: to see the hype for yourself and follow him on the gram (where the magic started for me) here —> Gabe’s Instagram

-waves bye- 👋🏾

Nadia x

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