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Hello, from paradise!

I’m Nadia, a Real Estate Sales agent and living in The Bahamas. If I had to described myself to others I would say I’m: a creative thinker and a people’s person, with strong analytical and problem solving skills.

I am a serial entrepreneur who from time to time considers herself a to be a polyglot.  At one point in time I could speak nine languages conversationally. From the list of languages, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Haitian Creole are among my absolute favs!  While I don’t study or speak many of those languages anymore, I still spend time studying Mandarin because I absolutely adore it.

My love for people, cultures and languages, my warm personality, and enthusiasm, is what propelled me to a career in Real Estate.  If you’re interested in buying, selling, or just knowing more about tax benefits of owing Real Estate in The Bahamas, make this blog your goto. Or reach out to me at any time!

I’m passionate about learning and self development. So I spend lots of time sharpening my skill set. (See my current suggested reading list here.)

Speaking of which, I draw from a wide, some might even say remarkable, background of skills, talents and expertise.  Over the span of my careers, I’ve achieved the positions of Photographer, Writer, Finance Officer, Operations Manager, Property Manager, Managing Partner, even CEO.

Durning that time, I gained over 10 years of experience in niche business startups. In fact, I was the co-founder of the very first Japanese Anime Hobby store in The Bahamas. Where I built a partnership with TCG flagship company Komani to bring organized trading card game tournaments to The Bahamas, which allowed Bahamians to officially compete with other TCG participants on a global scale.

Some of my other business ventures included a publishing company that produced comic books for local comic and manga artists and a monthly managa magazine.

I’ve also worked in media as a television host for JCN’s (Jones Communication Network), pilot (HGTV-esque) home remodeling show called Caribbean N Design.

Currently, I’m studying with Clever Investor’s Cody Sperber and Josh Altman’s to develop my Real Estate Investment skills.  I also obtained my CHMS (Certified Home Marketing Specialist). For recreation I find myself on far-off destinations where I take fun photos and become engrossed in finishing up my fictional novel.

Here on my blog, I’ll be sharing my lifestyle tips, travel adventures, real estate trends and the occasional off the beaten path random topic.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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